Renew Your Smile’s Function and Appearance with Conservative Dental Inlays and Onlays

If your tooth is damaged or decayed, timely restoration can save it from extraction. In the past, dental crowns were the standard treatment for tooth damage that was too significant for a dental filling. While dental crowns have their time and place, not all significantly damaged teeth require capping. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, dental inlays and onlays have emerged as conservative solutions that rebuild your damaged tooth while restoring its aesthetics.
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What are dental inlays and onlays?

Also known as indirect fillings, dental inlays, and onlays rebuild and protect teeth from further damage. Although often used interchangeably, dental inlays and onlays serve different purposes. Inlays repair damage within the tooth grooves, while onlays (partial crowns) cover a larger portion and extend to one or more cusps.

Indirect fillings can be created from several materials, including gold, porcelain, and composites. Whatever the material, indirect fillings are designed to withstand the everyday chewing forces to last many years.

How are dental onlays and inlays placed?

Unlike dental fillings created inside your mouth, indirect fillings are lab-made. The process starts by preparing your tooth by removing the damaged or decayed portion. Then, we’ll take your digital impressions to allow our dental lab to create a restoration that perfectly fits into your tooth. As fabrication takes a few days, we’ll safeguard your prepped tooth with a temporary filling.

On your second visit, we’ll remove your temporary filling and try your inlay or onlay. We’ll make a few adjustments until we obtain an optimal fit. Once everything is in place, we’ll bond your restoration securely to your tooth using strong dental adhesives. Now, you can chew and smile confidently without feeling insecure about your damaged tooth.

What are the advantages of dental inlays and onlays?

A dental crown is only sometimes necessary if your restoration doesn’t need full tooth support. Indirect fillings restore your tooth most conservatively. Unlike a dental crown, which requires removing a significant portion of your tooth structure, inlays or onlays only need to remove a small portion of your tooth.

The other benefits of indirect fillings include:

  • Aesthetically appealing results: Our indirect fillings are created from life-looking materials, including porcelain, which blends seamlessly with existing teeth. Inlays and onlays are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth.
  • Durability: Inlays and onlays are created from resilient and durable materials, strong enough to withstand everyday use of your teeth. With proper care, indirect fillings can last up to 20 years!
  • Simple maintenance: Just because you have an inlay or onlay, it doesn’t mean you change your oral hygiene regimen. These restorations are cared for the same way you do for your natural teeth. Brush and floss your teeth daily and visit a dentist every six months for routine check-ups and cleanings.

Are you ready for inlays or onlays?

If you live in South Huntington, New York, and have tooth damage, schedule an appointment with Dr. Boris Yusupov to discover how conservative dental onlays and inlays can rebuild your smile and oral health. Call (631) 352-2330 to talk to us today.

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Dr. Boris Yusupov

Dr. Boris Yusupov, is a highly skilled dentist with a degree from the NYU College of Dentistry. His expertise is backed by years of experience and a solid educational foundation from the NYU College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Yusupov is known for his compassionate approach to patient care and dedication to advancing his knowledge through continuous education. His commitment to staying current with the latest advances in dentistry ensures that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced care. Trust Dr. Yusupov for your dental care and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being in the hands of a trustworthy and dedicated professional.